The Ghana Embassy At Washington DC Is A Bad Representation Of Our Country

The Ghana Embassy at Washington DC is the worst representation of our country. They have a very beautiful building, but terrible services. Before COVID, reaching them was a full time job. You call, they don’t pick up. You email, no response. I haven’t received a response to an email I sent last year.


During this Pandemic, we understand offices have closed (working from home) but at least as an embassy, you are the point of call for your people. But no. I sent them an email a month ago, till date no response. You check their Facebook page and they post there. So you ask yourself, what prevents them from replying. A lot of people are complaining; Ghanaian’s and other nationals. Some had their passports with them before the Pandemic and they just want to know how they can retrieve them, when… anything at all. The website is nothing to write home about. There’s nothing on their website and you can’t even find the President’s current speeches there. Nothing new just old news.


Even with the evacuation of Ghanaian’s, when you open their page, you see nothing of that sort. With the registration of those who wanted to be evacuated, the link was there as Registration (just registration) with no other information. If you’re not curious to click, you wouldn’t even know what it’s meant for.


Those being evacuated are being asked to foot their cost and they’ve agreed. How much is it? This has not yet been communicated. When,  how, those in other states, what they should do etc. hasn’t been communicated and they cannot be reached in anyway. Who do we call in times of emergency if our Embassy is not reliable.


This must stop. The people who work there must be questioned. We need answers and this has nothing to do with the Pandemic. Their services has always been this poor. It’s evident in their reviews and comments on their Facebook page.

They could have tried to work harder at least for this period when all we can do is count on you, as an Embassy, our Home abroad and our point of contact.


This has to be heard. I wish I could write to the President himself. The staff need to be reviewed. I don’t know what work they do but they aren’t doing their best at all.


They are disgracing the nation and are failing us Ghanaian’s.


Kindly check below for some of the reviews



Source: Anonymous

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