The Youth Must Desist From Drug Addiction And Abuse – Drug Addict Advices

One popular drug dealer and addict in the Kumasi Metroplolise by the name Sadia, has shared her ordeal of how negatively drug addiction and has bestowed on her present life.

Giving an account of her personal life in an interview on Nag Tv, the popular drug addict admitted that she can never boast of anything as her personal property since her indulgent in the act.

The mother of one, emphasized how it saddens her heart when children as young as 17years down to 12yrs all come to the gettho in name of drugs.

Pouring her heart now, Sadia advices all, especially the youth to desist from indulging in drug abuse since it has only negative impacts on their lifes and will leave them nothing good to write home about.

Enjoy the full video below



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