Unemployed Allied Health Professions To Witdraw From COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team

As part of Government policies and measures to stave off this pandemic, contact tracing for every confirmed case of COVID-19 have been ramped up which calls all the faces in the health sector to join hands. But its rather unfortunate on the side of Allied Health Professionals.

The leadership of the Coalition of Graduate Unemployed Allied Health Professions (COAHP) 2017/2018 lead by Nkrumah Ebenezer Kojo humbly write to inform the general public about their decision to withdraw its members from the Convid19 contact tracing team over neglecton by the ministry of health.

COAHP in its letter states “Our attention has been drawn to a letter from ministry of health indicating that, nurses and midwives has been given financial clearance by the ministry of finance leaving behind Allied health Professionals who heeded to the call of the president and Ghana health service to aid in the contact tracing of convid19 patients”.

In view of this, they’re shocked and surprised by the conduct of Ministry Of Health as this is the very first time nurses and midwives are being processed for posting without allied health professionals.

Read the full letter below

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