Wendy Shay And Fantana Shouldn’t Call Themselves Artistes, It’s Money That Has Gotten Them Fame – Akosua Snow Fires

Wendy Shay and Fantana are amongst top trending female artiste in Ghana this year.

Both artiste are signed to Rufftown  Records managed by Bullet of defunct music group, Ruff and Smooth. Many are those who believe these girls are the real deal when it comes to female artiste in Ghana but  upcoming Afrobeat artiste Akosua Snow thinks otherwise.

She registered her displeasure in an interview with  Ghvibe.com and she leveled some wild allegations against these two musicians.

She started by saying that Wendy Shay is not a good singer and does not even know the genre of music she does. She further on said  that Wendy Shay paid  Bullet a huge some of money so she could fill the void Ebony’s death created and enjoy the name she left behind. “All her songs are wack and cannot stand the test of time”, she fumed.

Snow further on moved to Fantana and said that she was the worst of the two. She said her sources has her well informed that Fantana cannot even time on a beat and needs several coaching which lasts for hours for a single song.

To add salt to injury, she said Wendy and Fantana both pull up in nudity to  promote their stuff. “Does a brand always have to be nude before the brand get a hit?”, she quizzed.

Akosua Snow concluded by lamenting bitterly that if this is the music legacy we are leaving behind for future generations to come, then we have failed.

Anyway, she entreats all her fans to get ready for her maiden single, “Ma Ware” which features Gallaxy.

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