Whidberry’s “No Be Lie” Song Justifies That Samini Still Got It

Pioneering reggae dancehall art, Samini has held the title of reggae dancehall god since from his major leap days in the early 2000’s till even now in his prime.

Many are those who think Samini is now nearing his “end days” in music but his verse on Avis Records signed artiste, Whidberry‘s “No Be Lie” track will make you think otherwise if you were one of those.

The fire Samini fueled into the verse will make you wonder if it was really him or a new artiste altogether. Although he rode majestically on the jam, his timing was accurate.

The sweet words he employed in woeing and flattering the girl (persona) per the plot of the song was so soothing that any girl will easily fall for it.

Since I don’t want to hyperbolically exaggerate (redundancy intended), download the track below and judge for yourself

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